FiiO Releases the X5 New Firmware FW2.4

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-01-03

The following changes and improvements were made to firmware 2.4 compared to FW2.3:

1. Removed 5800 track limit to media library scan.

2. Added playback support for multichannel recordings.

3. Pressing the Back button from the Now Playing screen will now always take you to the folder / album / etc. from

     which the current song is selected.  This is true even after navigating to the main menu or powering the X5 off and back on.

4. Added option to display song title instead of filename in Now Playing screen.

5. Preset EQ settings may now also be adjusted.

6. Added option to play through folders: ie skipping to the first song in the next folder after the last song in the current folder.

7. Added option to delete a whole folder.

8. Added function to delete tracks from within a playlist.

9. Optimized playback of AAC, FLAC and M4A.

10. Fixed issue where shuffle mode reverted to the same set of "random" songs if starting from the same song.

11. Various bug fixes.



X5 FW2.4

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X5 USB DAC Driver
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X5 Update Guide
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Complete User Manual

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