Statements regarding using new display on X1

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-03-09

Statements regarding using new display screen on further production of X1

(Starting from March batch with firmware FW1.3)


Firstly, we'd like to thank everyone for your positive feedback since the launch of the X1.


However, due to unforeseen circumstances, our supplier is not able to obtain the exact display that had been

installed in the past few batches of the FiiO X1. On a positive note, FiiO managed to select another display with

the most similar resolution, color and performance as the former one through very careful testing and evaluation. 


As such, all batches produced from today (March batch) will have a slightly different display installed.

The following are some useful information:
1. There is no difference in terms of the functionality of the X1, despite the different display.

2. Because of the new display, we have changed the IO port which results in the X1 (with the new display)

being incompatible with all earlier firmware (i.e. FW1.0, FW1.1 and FW1.2). Users will be prompted with a

“Version too old” error message when downgrading to FW1.2 or earlier firmware versions, but it will power on again afterwards. 
(Note: This incompatibility only applies when downgrading to older firmware FW1.0/FW1.1/FW1.2.

There will be no issues for firmware newer than FW1.2).

3. The wide viewing angle of the new display screen will be slightly narrowed down.

4. All FiiO X1 with preinstalled firmware FW1.3 (or later) will have the new display screen installed.

You may check the firmware version via (System settings>About X1).

5. All X1's with preinstalled firmware of FW1.2/FW1.1/FW1.0 can downgrade or upgrade without any limitations.


Should users have any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending email to 


FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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