Discontinuation Notice for Some FiiO Models

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-03-14

Owing to limited market needs or discontinuation plans for corresponding models, we hereby inform you of our future plan for some FiiO models.


1. E09K: With the planned discontinuation of the old E17, we are undergoing R&D for a successor to the E09K that can be used together with the E17K, X1, X3 2nd gen and some future models.

2. D07: Owing to its limited application and market demand, FiiO will discontinue it after stocks run out.

3. L2: This cable will be discontinued, but the production of L8, L16 and L17 will continue.

4. L3: This cable will be discontinued, but the production of L9 will continue.

5. RC-UE1/RC-WT1: Will be discontinued.  In terms of headphone re-cables, we will still have RC-SE1, RC-UE2, RC-WT2, RC-HD1, RC-MH1 and RC-UX1.

6. HS3/HS5/HS15/LC-X3: With the release of the new X3, the customized accessories for the old X3 will no longer be available. But a full set of customized accessories for the new X3 will come to market, such as matching leather case LC-FX3221, clear case C03, stacking kit for external amps/DACs HS12, etc.


Should you are in need of above models, please feel free to contact our local sales agents (Where to Buy) or contact us by sending email to support@fiio.net to see whether the model is still available or not, thanks!


Best regards,


FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.