Special price for buying FiiO X3 (2nd gen) to customers with old X3

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-04-03


----  This special promotion ended on April 15th with all 200 units sold out.  Thanks for your kind participation. 


Background: To show our appreciation to customers who bought our first music player FiiO X3, we allocate 200pcs of X3 (2nd gen) to run this activity from the very first mass production. Customers with old X3 can buy this new X3 (2nd gen) at a special price with 20% off from the real retail price (199.99USD), namely 159.99USD with freight paid ((by UPS, FedEx, DHL or other express).


Target customers: Customers with X3(1st gen) (from abroad outside China).

The timetable: From April 10th(GMT+0) to April 30th(GMT+0) (or terminate after 200pcs ordered out).

The purchase platform:  FiiO AliExpress             

Note: The selling price on AliExpress is just a reference one which will be higher than real market price, but we will revise it to the special price (159.99USD) after we got your proof-of-purchase for the old X3.


The details of the activity:

1.Method to provide the proof-of-purchase for the X3(1st gen):

Through the Aliexpress platform: after you added the item to your cart, please provide the 14-bit serial number or 20-bit security code or the purchasing records or purchasing invoice or other buying certificates to the column of “Leave a message for the seller” before making payment. Price will be revised to 159.99USD once we checked the validity of the information.


2.Matters needing attention for the purchase:

A. Please don`t pay after you added the item to your cart. Wait till we revise the price to 159.99USD once your proof-of-purchase had been confirmed.

B. Please try to settle the payment within 24hrs after we revised the price.

C. Please provide us with the detailed delivery information(required for delivery) as follows via Aliexpress:

    Detailed address, Contact person, Phone number and Postal code.

D. FiiO will choose the most convenient way to dispatch your goods, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.

    Or you can inform us of your preferred express and other special requirements.



A. The quantity of X3 (2nd gen) for this activity is limited to 200pcs. Normally it based on the principle of “First come, first served” and activity ends once the 200pcs ordered out.

B. This activity is to acknowledge the X3 users, so all the X3 users can take part in.

C. Considering the limited quantity, one quota can be allocated to one valid proof-of-purchase.

D. If there is any repetition of product serial number or security code, FiiO has the right to ask for further information.

E. If the customer fails to provide any purchase information for X3 when buying X3 2nd gen from FiiO Aliexpress, there will be no special price offered.

F. FiiO reserves the right of final explanation and revision for this activity.


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