FiiO's 8th Anniversary Customer Appreciation Campaign

Author: Publish time:2015-04-24


Time flies—it’s already been 8 years since FiiO was first established (April 26th, 2007).
Thank you for your support through these years of steady development— your support is what motivates us to continue moving forward. Thank you to all FiiO users for your support.


To show our appreciation to our customers, FiiO is launching a contest on its forum with prizes—looking forward to your participation!


Time:               26-27 April 2015
Target:            All FiiO Users
Platform: (official FiiO forum)
How to enter: Just reply to the
Contest Thread( >>Click Here) detailing your thoughts on FiiO and any interesting stories you may

                         have about the FiiO products you use(d). 

Prizes: 1st prize: X1 (3 winners)
             2nd prize: E11K (5 winners)
             3rd prize: any FiiO accessory (10 winners)

Choosing winners: Posts will be evaluated on their content and prizes will be given to users posting the most interesting (real-life!)

                                  stories among the posts.
Winners announcement: To be announced publicly on 29 April in the contest thread.  

Winners should contact the designated forum administrator via the forum’s private messages feature with their shipping info etc.


Other details:
1. Participants agree to allow FiiO to quote their posts in part or in full, in other promotional material or otherwise publicly.
2.1st prize winners may have custom wording printed onto the back of their X1.
3. Each user will only be considered for prizes once based on one of their posts.  Winners will be asked to provide proof of ownership of FiiO products, via product registration on or otherwise.
4.1st prize winners may have their X1’s shipped via DHL, FedEx, UPS etc. as well as regular air mail. 2nd and 3rd prize will be shipped by air mail only which takes a little longer time.
5. Winners should contact the designated forum administrator with their real name, shipping address, postcode (if applicable) and the desired accessory for 3rd prize winners. 
6. Prizes will be delivered within 3 working days once the shipping details are confirmed!  
7. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. reserves the right to interpret the rules above as they see fit and decide on any details not defined above.

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.