About X1 FW1.4's pairing with NB code of M442a onwards

Author: Publish time:2015-05-08

Owing to use of a different manufacturer’s flash / RAM modules (causing differences in compatibility) starting from machines with NB code of M442a (see System Settings->About X1 for your machine’s NB code), X1’s with this NB code onwards are loaded with FW1.4 out of the factory and are not backwards compatible with older firmwares (FW1.3 or under).  If such machines were flashed with older firmware, they may display the error message “Version too old”, or the display may fail to display anything.


If your machine suffers from the above symptoms after flashing, please obtain firmware version 1.4 (>>Click Here) and re-flash it onto your X1.


On the other hand, older X1's are forward compatible with firmware 1.4 and above. 

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.