Goodbye X5 (1st gen) and Say Hello to X5 (2nd gen)

Author: Publish time:2015-06-01

In December 2013, FiiO’s 2nd hi-res portable DAP, the X5, greeted the market.  The market soon responded with great interest.  It was from the X5 onwards that FiiO’s X series possessed its present signature mechanical scroll wheel and X keygroup.  The control layout was inspired by DJ mixers, but it doesn’t hurt that it is a familiar layout to iPod classic users, while remaining suitably distinctive.


Starting from X5’s preview tours (before official product launch), the X5 was subject to the market’s continuous  feedback and we strived to improve the user experience of the X5 accordingly via firmware upgrades, a process that continues even now, through over ten firmware iterations.  Thusly we strive to let everyone get more and more out of the product they bought from us, which is the best way we know of to show our appreciation for all our respected customers.


The first gen X5 had undeniably left a deep impression in the market; although its production run has ended, it’s a classic model that has served us and our customers very well indeed.  Nevertheless, as an electronic product, the X5 is not immune to the rigours of product cycling.  After more than one year of commission, now is time for us to say goodbye to our beloved X5 and greet its new born successor the X5 2nd gen.


The Main improvements of the X5 2nd gen (FX5221) over the 1st gen are as follows:

1. All-new exterior design, improved build, with metal finish changed from powdered to brushed;

2. More compact and lightweight; smaller black borders around LCD;

3. All-new independent amplification stage with analogue volume control, increasing audio resolution and enabling feature for native DSD decoding; 

4.All new digital audio architecture, utilizing dual crystal oscillators dedicated to multiples of 44.1 and 48kHz respectively (including 176.4kHz=4x44.1, 192kHz=4x48 and DSD64 and DSD128 (multiples of 44.1), handling all major sample rates without resampling artifacts and minimal jitter;

5. Supporting hardware DSD decoding;

6. Supporting CTIA-standard in-line earphone remotes (e.g. Apple, Samsung compatible earphones)

7. Breakthrough power architecture design that utilizes different system voltages for low and high gain, allowing maximum flexibility between long endurance and high driving power in the same unit.

8. All-new power management feature: auto standby mode allows player to remain in standby for weeks, ready to continue playing instantly.

9. Coulomb meter for precise battery level readouts.


The new X5 is coming soon! Please stay tuned with us for further updates!


Best regards,


FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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