FiiO releases the upgraded model X5 2nd gen

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-06-16

Regarding worldwide delivery of the X5 2nd gen (Updated June 26th, 2015)


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your kind patience and constant attention for the X5 2nd gen (>>Click for more info). Delivery of the X5 2nd gen has started on June 15th. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to.

To date, we have arranged the delivery to almost all the existing markets of us. If you are interested in this model, please feel free to contact the local sales agent/dealer, thanks. 


June 26th:
Chile:          Xweb
Czech:        GOTHIC
UK:             Advanced MP3 Player
Ukraine:      ITKOM


June 25th:

Netherlands:      HDPHNS
Spain:                AT Consumer
USA:                  Liquiana Inc


June 24th:

Canada:          Headphone bar
Hungary:         KriptonIT Kft
Poland:           MIP


June 23rd:

Austria:            AUDIO ELECTRONIC Hifi Gerate Vertriebs GmbH 

France:            Son Video Distribution 
Israel:               Turtle Voice Amplifiers LTD
Philippines:      Xoti Corporation
U.A.E:              Smart Audio Electronics Trading L.L.C


June 19th:
Indonesia:       Sinar Suara Sejati


June 18th:

India:              Ferrari Video

India:             Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Italy:               Audio Azimuth  

Malaysia:       E1 Personal Audio

Mexico:          Audiofilia

Norway:         Soundcare AS

Russia:          Blade   

June 17th:
Canada:          Headfoneshop
Iran:                Namdaran Mobile Communications
New Zealand:  Sound Essentials
Singapore:      Connect-it by Jade Gift Shop
Singapore:      Eng Siang International Pte Ltd
Singapore:      Red Fusion One
Sweden:         UZTORE AB
Spain:             Zococity SL
USA:               Parts Express 


June 15th/16th:
Australia:            Addicted To Audio
Australia:            Noisy Motel
Australia:            Sound Sight Focus
Canada:             Whoa-tech Electronics LTD
Canada:             XLO Internation Inc 
Germany:           NT Global Distribution GmbH    
Romania:            AV Store
Switzerland:        Portacomp AG
Thailand:            Holysai
Thailand:            FiiOThai Ordinary Partnership.
Turkey:               Fast engineering 

UK:                     EA Audio 
Ukraine:             AVERO
USA:                  TekFX Inc.

USA:                  Office Direct Sales NYC 
Vietnam:            Audio Choice


For more information on the above agents, you can check “Where to Buy” to find them on our website.


If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us or directly contact our local agents.


Happy listening!


Best regards, 
FiiO Electronics Technology Co,. Ltd.

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