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Dear FiiO users,


At FiiO we’ve always valued interaction with our customers.  Our X player world tours have provided a select few with the chance to make headlines on head-fi and our facebook page and today we’d like to extend such opportunities to even more people!  Want your photo to appear on our facebook banner?  Our product pages?  Our next banner ad?  Here’s your chance!


Platform : Facebook

Target: All FiiO owners who happen to love photography.

Contest period: 20 July -5 Aug.

How to enter: publish your photo entry in reply to the Facebook post


Details of photos:

A.  Take photos of your FiiO(s)
B.  The FiiO(s) may be photographed with or without people modelling them (e.g. selfies welcome)
C.  Get creative with the setting!  Nature, wildlife, cosplay (say what?), action, high-speed, studio photography all welcome!  (don’t worry, right now we’re having as hard a time imagining a FiiO in some of the above settings as you are—waiting for one of you to surprise us though!)
D. The photos should preferably be of sufficient quality to be usable for reproduction in advertisement material.  Remember, facebook compresses photos directly uploaded to it so you may want to host the photo separately.  And be sure to keep a full-resolution original with you—we would love to acquire them from the winners!


1st prize: X5 2nd gen (with custom backplate engraving available); photo features as our facebook banner for 1 week, with credit;
2nd prize: photo features as our facebook banner for 3 days, with credit;
3rd prize: photo features as our facebook banner for 1 day, with credit;
All contestants: complimentary copy of any advertisement material featuring your photo—with credit

Winner selection: to be chosen by FiiO on 10 August 2015 based on artistic merit (number of likes on the posts with the photos will be considered but not as the sole arbiter)

Winners announcement: 11 August 2015


1.  FiiO may employ any submitted photo for advertisement purposes.
2.  One contestant may submit any number of photos but will only be considered for one prize.
3.  Please submit each photo in its own post to facilitate “like” voting.
4.  The X5 2nd gen will be delivered by courier.
5.  The winners should contact FiiO via private message at FiiO’s facebook page within 7 days of the winners announcement with their name, shipping address, contact phone number and any special requests, otherwise the prize offer will be voided;  the prize will be shipped by our choice of courier unless otherwise specified (and the specified courier being available at our end).
6.  The X5 2nd gen will be shipped within 3 days of receiving the above information from the winner.
7.  FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret the above-written terms and conditions of the photo contest.

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