FiiO at the 2015 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-07-21

 FiiO welcomes you to the 2015 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Title:  2015 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show
Date:  7-9 August 2015 (Friday-Sunday)
Address:  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
FiiO’s location:  
Hall 3, Booth F04

This will be FiiO attending the show under its own name for the first time!  Through attending this expo, we hope to let more people know about us and our products. 

Main products available for audition:
1. One small step in your eyes, one giant leap for your ears:  all new X5 2nd gen portable player
2. Native DSD decoding for everybody: all new X3 2nd gen portable player
3. Studio-grade sound in your (small) pocket: X1 ultraportable player
4. X5 2ndgen+E12A portable amp+Dunu DN-2000J IEMs
5. X3 2ndgen+E12 portable amp+Beyerdynamic DT990 full-size headphones
6. X1+A3 portable amp+Beyerdynamic T51p Tesla headphones
7. X1+FiiO EX1 (1stearphones by FiiO) best budget combo demo
8. E17K, E10K and E18
9. Various headphone upgrade cables: RC-HD1, RC-MH1, RC-UX1, RC-UE2, RC-SE1 and RC-WT2
10. PCOCC-A premium 3.5mm interconnects L16 and L17


The all-new Q1 portable DAC and the A1 ultraportable amplifier will also be shown. The much-anticipated X7, FiiO's first premium Android DAP, and the all new K5 desktop docking amplifier will also make their appearance. Music, endless fun!  FiiO awaits you in Hong Kong on 7-9 August in Hong Kong! 

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.