EX1 promotional offer for FiiO users--30% off limited time offer!

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-09-06


FiiO has entered the earphone market with its first IEMs the EX1; to let more FiiO users experience the ideal combination of FiiO earphones with other FiiO products,all existing FiiO customers (excluding cable and accessory purchases) may buy the EX1 at 30% discount (i.e. 69.99USD, incl. shipping) for a limited timeonly, while stocks last.


Activity details:


1. Pre-order period: 6-15 September 2015


2. Pre-order method
A. Click this link to pm “FiiO" on Head-Fi with the 14-digital product serial number or 20-digit authenticity code (shown on a sticker on FiiO product packaging) together with a photo showing said number or code. After we have authenticated the code, you will receive a discount code for the EX1 on the Aliexpress FiiO store. Note: cable and accessory purchases do not qualify for this offer.
B. If you do not have either of the above codes, you may pm FiiO 
with any other proof of purchase of FiiO products (e.g. photos of receipts, screenshots of e-tailer purchase receipts). If we can authenticate such proof of purchase, you will also receive a discount code for the EX1 on the Aliexpress FiiO store.


3. Order period: 16-18 September 2015


4. Purchase link: to be posted later (the EX1 will be listed as 99.99USD, which will be adjusted to be 69.99USD after you place your order and provide the discount code).

5. Notes:
A. Please don’t pay as soon as you place your order, you don’t have to pay until the price is revised to 69.99 USD.
B. Please check your order for the updated price within 48 hours after you place your order and provide your discount code.
C. Please provide detailed shipping address, postcode, contact name and phone number. 
D. Shipping method: parcels via regular air mail. Please be patient while waiting for your EX1 to arrive (if delivery by courier is desired, an extra 20USD shipping charge is required). 

1. This promotion is provided for the benefit of existing FiiO customers; each person may buy one pair of EX1 by providing proof of purchase of a FiiO product, during the promotional period, while stocks last.
2. If two persons submit the same product serial no. / authenticity code, the promotional code will be provided to the one who can provide additional proof of purchase. The promotional code can be used once only.
3. If promotional code is not provided when placing the order, the price will remain at 99.99USD.
4. Any customs charges / import duties that may be generated are to be borne by the buyer.
5. Please provide detailed shipping address, postcode, contact name and phone number when placing the order, otherwise the product may not be able to reach you.
6. If you paid for a specified courier service, but said courier service is not available at the origin and / or destination country, we will select a suitable alternative and confirm with you before delivery.
7. FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and amend the rules of the present promotion as necessary. 

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