FiiO Releases X3 2nd gen FW1.3

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-09-07


The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.3  compared to FW1.1:
1. Pressing the Back button from the Now Playing screen will now  always take you to the folder / album / etc. from which the current  song is selected.  This is true even after navigating to the main  menu or powering the X3 off and back on;
2. Added support for M3U playlists without the "#EXTM3U"  header;
3. Removed the 5800 song limit of media library;
4. Added Russian and Thai language UI support.
5. Improved gapless playback of single music files split by CUE  sheets;
6. Fixed issue where the genre tag of AAC files (.m4a) was read  incorrectly;
7. Fixed issue where the X3 has trouble entering standby if a  micro SD card or OTG storage was removed while music was  playing;
8. Fixed issue where the headphone output made noises if the  volume is changed using the volume keys when the player is  acting as USB DAC;
9. Fixed issue where certain situations caused the player to play  songs without sound;
10. Fixed issue where in USB DAC mode holding a volume button  while the screen is off caused problems in the sound output;
11. Fixed issue where certain music files caused the player to  hang;
12. Fixed issue where resetting an EQ setting did not take effect  (sliders update but sound doesn't change) until another preset  was selected;
13. Optimized sorting of songs within ISO image files;
14. Corrected translation of certain terms in the UI;
15. The default function of the multifunction output has been  changed to line out, to cater to the majority of users using it as line  out;
16. Equalizer may now also be used with line out and coaxial  output;
17. Fixed issue where unplugging and replugging earphones 2-3  times quickly while a song was playing caused popping sounds  through the earphones;
18. Fixed issue where there would be no sound on playback if  connections to the headphone out / line out were broken and  reconnected / changed within one second;
19. Enabled correct splitting of music files by CUE files with  indexes of over 99 minutes;
20. Various other bug fixes and stability improvements.



New X3 FW1.3

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New X3 USB DAC Driver
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New X3 Update Guide
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Complete User Manual

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