FiiO Releases X1 Firmware Version 1.5

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-09-18


Our developers have been working long and hard on this and this update should answer many users' concerns :)

The following changes and improvements were made to firmware version 1.5 compared to 1.3:
1. Pressing the Back button from the Now Playing screen will now always take you to the folder / album / etc. from which the current song is selected.  This is true even after navigating to the main menu or powering the X1 off and back on;
2. Added Russian and Thai language UI support;
3. Removed the 5800 song limit of the media library;
4. Enabled gapless playback of single music files split by CUE sheets;
5. Fixed issue where CUE sheets containing tracks of identical titles could not be parsed properly;
6. Fixed issue where the genre tag of AAC files (.m4a) was read incorrectly;
7. Fixed issue where the X1 would not skip automatically through files of unsupported format if a whole series of such files are encountered in a row;
8. Fixed issue where blanks spaces in front of the album name of a song caused the genre name to be read incorrectly
9. Miscellaneous Chinese UI bugfix.


X1 FW1.5

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