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TL;DR: FiiO’s new Chinese slogan is 音乐, 乐无限, which translates to “Music, Endless Fun”—except it should sound a lot more awesome… can you make it so?  We’re giving out an X7 to the Head-Fi and facebook user who submits the translation we end up using! The character 乐 by itself stands for “fun” and is also the last character of 音乐 (Music) while 无限 stands for unlimited / endless.




It’s been 8 years since FiiO’s founding in 2007.  Thanks to everyone’s support, FiiO has achieved a certain level of brand recognition, with worldwide sales of portable headphone amps and HiFi DAPs ranking 1st and 3rd worldwide respectively.


Now, we need a powerful slogan to rally behind, for us to be recognized by. In China we have announced our slogan: 音乐, 乐无限 (see above for first translation).  But we need your participation for the worldwide slogan; We are sure lots of you are interested in helping out?  To let everyone take part in the fun, we are soliciting translations for our slogan from our customers worldwide.


Elaboration of the meaning to be conveyed in the slogan:

1. Music is meant to be enjoyed, while high quality music can bring even more joy.  Thus we hope to bring joy to customers using our music devices.
2. Even quality music brings no joy if it’s hidden behind a frustrating interface. Through extended research in hardware and software user interface design, we strive to make our product more convenient and intuitive to use to play the music you want.
3. We have a large product line with rich customization options for each—these bring “endless” sonic possibilities to match different headphones and different listening tastes, and also cater to the tinkering spirit of the audiophile, giving them fun toying with audio equipment without breaking the bank.
4. Finally, we aim for a pleasurable after-sales experience, with continual high-quality software support, so that users get the most “fun” out of our products throughout their service life.

Competition to be held on Head-fi (>>Click) and Facebook (>>Click)
Contest period:  25 September to 15 October 2015
How to participate: Reply to this post (or this head-fi thread) giving your suggestion for FiiO’s English slogan, preferably with explanations.  A simple but catchy slogan that embodies the above propositions for the brand is preferable.
Number of words:  Preferably under 8
Prize:  The person who first proposes the slogan (on facebook OR head-fi) that is finally chosen by our company (if any) will be awarded an X7
Disclaimer:  All participants agree to release copyright of any writing in response to this post and the relevant head-fi thread to FiiO, for all purposes, including publicity.


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