The First Official Firmware 1.4 to FiiO M3

Author:FiiO Publish time:2015-11-26

The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.4 compared to FW1.1:

1.  Added welcome screen to boot-up animation;

2.  Added support for ogg vorbis;

3.  Added option to play lists and folders directly by holding menu button while a list or folder is chosen;

4.  Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Note: Samples shipped out before Nov 25th are not in this newest firmware version, you may try to upgrade it.


Before updating:

1.  Please ensure that the M3 is adequately charged, preferably fully charged, before updating the firmware, to prevent loss of power during the udpate.

2.  You can only enter the shortcuts menu and from there the settings menu and the firmware update option by holding the menu button from the Now Playing screen.  Therefore, please load the M3 with at least one song and play a song before attempting to update the M3.

3.  You may go to Settings->Player information (first option, third / last page) to check the firmware version of the M3.


To update the M3's firmware:

1.  Extract and copy M3.hex to the root directory of the internal storage of the M3.

2.  While playing a song on the M3, in the Now Playing screen, hold the menu button (upper left button on main panel) to open the shortcuts menu;  choose and select the cog icon at the bottom to enter settings menu;  click "up" once to choose "Auto upgrade" at the end of the System settings menu and select it to update the firmware, select the tick to confirm;

3.  The M3 will update its firmware and then reboot;

4.  Choose your preferred language for the M3 again.


M3 FW1.4:  >> Download link 

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.