Statement Regarding Local Warranty Service Policy

Author: Publish time:2016-01-05


With the continuing growth of FiiO, our products are becoming more popular every day.  Recently, it is come to our attention that many online sellers are selling our products internationally at reduced prices.  While such deals appear attractive, we would like to remind potential customers that


1. All FiiO agents, online or otherwise, are only authorized to sell FiiO products within their own country or responsible region;
2. Warranty service and returns of FiiO products are handled on a regional basis, by the local agents.


The (sometimes higher) prices of your local sellers take into account the overhead required to provide the services of directly returning / exchanging FiiO products within the return period and servicing FiiO products locally within the warranty period.


Thus, if you were to purchase a FiiO product internationally through an online seller and any problems occur with the product, (while we are quite confident of our products' quality out of the factory, stressful shipping conditions (especially of the kind encountered in cheap international shipping) are prone to induce defects) your local FiiO agents can't be held responsible for exchanging or servicing it.


Here in China, we are willing to service any FiiO product within the warranty period, but

1. You would have to pay international shipping to send it to China;  such shipping often exceeds even the cost of repairing a FiiO out of warranty;

2. Unauthorized online sellers, attempting to hide the origin of of their unauthorized FiiO units, often tamper with the authenticity and warranty markings / documentation of the products, making it difficult if not sometimes impossible to claim warranty.


Therefore, we encourage all potential FiiO customers to buy locally and support their own countries' business!


In the case that some accessories or rare FiiO items cannot be obtained from your local FiiO agents, we provide the following official internationl webstore:


This is the only online store with cooperative agreements with agents worldwide to provide all customers with local warranty services. 


Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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