Review of FiiO's Exhibition at CES 2016

Author: Publish time:2016-01-16

Time flies—in the blink of an eye CES 2016 has ended.  This also marks the fifth year running since FiiO started taking part in the CES.  Unlike the previous years, we went custom with the booth design this year, giving FiiO agents and visitors alike a fresh new look to the FiiO booth (their words).  Psst—we will be expanding our booth at CES 2017 and may hold special functions to celebrate FiiO’s tenth anniversary.  Stay tuned!


As for now, we present to you our CES2016 in review.


A.    Building our booth
FiiO goes custom with its booth design!

B.    New products
Every year at CES, many fans come to our booth seeking our new products.  This year the X7 flagship DAP, K5 docking amp and M3 micro music player were under the spotlight.

C.    Trying our products
Those coming to try our products included visitors from around the globe, longtime fans who own the original X3, and musicians coming to try our new X7.

D.    Building business relationships
Among those who visited us for business discussions was major in-ear monitor brand Westone of USA, as well as sales agent from USA, Canada and Japan.


After CES, we also went to California to tour the headphone Hi-Fi markets there.  Here at a HiFi shop in Maryland, the shop owner praised our new X7 to no end!  We hope to develop relationships with more brick and mortar HiFi shops like this in the future, to let everyone experience in person the music fun that FiiO can bring you.

See you again at CES2017!

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.