Special Offer for Refurbished FiiO E09K (E09S)

Author:FiiO Publish time:2016-01-15

With the release of the K5 with new dock, some customers might still miss the old E09K with the old dock, especially for those who have a FiiO E07K/E17 at hand. 


So here is the good chance for you to get a refurbished E09K (coined the E09S) at special price. It was made in conjunction with the E07K/E17 headphone amplifier, but can function fully with the new X series players simply by connecting their lineout port with the line in port on E09S (with the player working as a DAC for PC via the USB port).  Of course the player doesn't look all sleek and "docked" that way, but the price can't be beat and the amp section is as awesome as it's always been!


Check it out on FiiO Aliexpress at: >>Click Here


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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.