FiiO Releases M3 New Firmware FW1.7

Author: Publish time:2016-01-30

The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.7 compared to FW1.5:

1. Added a new UI theme (theme 2);
2. Added options to clear the "favorites", "Playlist1" and "Playlist2" playlists, and to delete individual songs from each playlist;
3. Added "Screen off button response" option in System Settings, to customize the response to the front 6 buttons when screen is off:
   a) Direct action (default)--pressing one of the front buttons performs the action of the button directly without turning on the screen;
   b) Screen wakeup only--turns on the screen without performing the action of the button (until a second press);
   c) Wake+action--turns on the screen at the same time as performing the action of the button;
4. Language selection screen now appears immediately after firmware update / factory reset, before the library scan;

5. Fixed issue where if the M3 is turned off and then plugged in for charging, it turns itself back on when unplugged;
6. Fixed issues with playing certain mp3 files;
7. Fixed issue where switching from an APE High-compression encoded track to other tracks could cause noise to be emitted;
8. Fixed issue where battery icon does not stay lit onscreen even when screen timeout is set to ON (no timeout);
9. Fixed issue where the Hold button does not prevent button response under certain situations;
10. Corrected certain dialog language and fixed other miscellaneous bugs.


M3 FW 1.7: >> Download link
How to upgrade the M3 firmware: >> Click here

Complete User Manual: >> Download link


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