The release of FiiO X5's new firmware (FW2.2)

Author: Publish time:2014-08-22

X5 new firmware version FW2.2 on the firmware version FW2.0 above,
added and adjusted improvements the following:

Added function:

1. Added songs in albums (m3u or.m3u8) supported.

2. Added picture on the cover floder (picture name is front or cover or folder).

3. Added Serial No.(*), can display in the device

     (*only support the new production of X5, it will not included the serial no. of X5 is selling in the market).

4. Added songs document Irc format (UTF-8 not included BOM、Unicode) supported.

5. Locked screen changed from 2 to 3 models.



1. Improved the display of DTS5.1 not supported from the DTS 5.1 songs.

2. Renew the songs,When it set automatic, the songs will auto to renew the songs after insert the TF card.

3. After renew the songs albums, the device can display all songs.

4. Improved forward, backward: the songs will pause when the song is forward or backward, 

    it will continue to play when it finished to use forward or backward .

5. Albums, Styling, Singer name will list same folder of upper and lower words.

6. Improved it is no sound from the beginning of 2 seconds of the 1st song.

7. Improved ID3 message of the song from the no ID3 message of the songs, display the last IDS message of the songs.

8. An equalizer changed closed from the common from the UI interface of the device.

9. Improved the browsing speed of the list from the number of the songs.

10. Improved the problem of hang when it input or out the connector.

11. Improved of the bugs from software.



X5 FW2.2

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X5 USB DAC Driver
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X5 Update Guide
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Complete User Manual

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