FiiO Releases X7 Firmware FW1.8 with USB DAC and DLNA Function

Author:FiiO Publish time:2016-02-01

The following changes and improvements were made to X7 FW1.8 over FW1.5:

1. Added USB DAC function (DAC driver required for windows; driver-free for Mac);
2. Added support for AM2 (medium-power) headphone amplifier module;
3. Increased sound quality of third party apps when playing hi-res music of higher than 44.1kHz sample rate;
4. Increased volume of third party apps;
5. Increased bluetooth volume;
6. Fixed some UI display issues.


The following changes and improvements were made to the FiiO Music music player app:
1. Added DLNA function;
2. Fixed issue where albums under the Artists listing could not be opened for browsing;
3. Fixed issue where a library scan may fail on occasion;
4. "Prev track" button now goes back to beginning to present track if it has been playing for more than 10s;
5. Fixed issue where the app registers as "not responding" while scanning the X7 for media; added "scanning" notification to UI;
6. Whole-album music files are now hidden when they are split by a CUE sheet (the split tracks are shown);
7. Volume can now be adjusted by sliding finger up and down the screen after volume interface is shown by pressing volume buttons;
8. Fixed issue where adjusting lyrics' position offset on one song affected offset on all songs;
9. Fixed issue where Bluetooth devices could not control play and pause actions;
10. Fixed issue where the song listings do not update after an automatic media library update;
11. Fixed issue where Next and Prev track do not take effect after adjusting an EQ setting;
12. Playback position within Favorites can now also be memorized on exiting.


Note: Firmware version 1.3 and above will get push notifications for updates automatically over-the-air, so you can update it via OTA after connecting to WiFi. If there is no push notifications for FW1.8, please kindly re-connect to WiFi or restart the X7. 


X7 FW 1.8:  >> Download Address

X7 USB DAC Driver + installation tutorial: >>Download Address 

How to upgrade the X7 firmware:  >> Click here
X7 App installation tutorial:  >> Click here

X7 DLNA Usage Guide:  >> Click here

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