A Warm Tip on Purchasing FiiO Products from Authorized Dealers

Author:FiiO Publish time:2016-05-15

Dear fans of FiiO and potential customers of FiiO,


Recently, we have been contacted by customers complaining that they couldn’t get a satisfactory after-sales service from their sellers. After they showed us their invoices or other proof of purchase, we found that most of them had bought their products from unauthorized sellers. 


FiiO chooses to develop local sales agents and resellers for reasons. One of the most important reasons is that local agents and sellers can provide prompt and efficient after-sales service to our customers. We would choose those who would like to develop together with FiiO to be our sales agents, because they can provide constant and premium service to local customers.


Those unauthorized sellers only focus on immediate interests and can’t get a constant supply of goods. Once they sell out the goods on hand, they can’t replace your defective units or even worse, they just leave the market.


Hereby we would like to kindly suggest our fans or potential customers to buy FiiO products from authorized agents and sellers (Check for your local agents and sellers at: >> Where to Buy). Meanwhile, if you have doubt in buying from a seller, you can still send email to us at support@fiio.net to confirm, thanks.


Below are some unauthorized sellers that we strongly suggest you do not buy from:
1.  Massdrop   (>> Link) 

2.  Eglobal Central   (>> Link)

And there are many unauthorized sellers on Amazon USA trying to destroy the market order, such as the sellers: deals zee, unrealdeals, abc finds, world of audio Direct, mau electronic, AzGamer, GOODS US, Audiowork etc. as well as Xuan Vu from Vietnam (>> Link)please do not buy from these illegal sellers.


So we hereby strongly suggest FiiO fans to buy from the authorized sellers to ensure that you get proper after-sales service.


Best regards,


FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,LTD

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