Win A Prize with One Click

Author: Publish time:2016-02-29

FiiO has released 7 players since we launched our very first player X3 in 2013. We are really grateful for your support and company all the way. Therefore, from 3rd March on we would like to look back on the fun our players brought to you. We will pose questions about our players on facebook every two weeks and give out a prize to the one whose comment gets the most likes, if the post gets more than 50 comments or 50 likes on comments. Besides, you would have the chance to win a special prize if you share our post of each topic to your Facebook. We would offer a different prize for each topic (to be announced with the topic post). Also, if the total likes of our Facebook page reaches 40000 in the middle of April when this whole activity ends, we will give out an X5 2nd gen to one lucky person  by lottery. If the likes reach 50000, the prize would be an X7! Invite your friends and come share your stories on our Facebook page starting on 3rd March!

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.