Introduction to the Classic & Tiny & Metal FiiO A1

Author: Publish time:2016-03-18

Dear respected customers,


As the most representative portable headphone amplifier, the E06 (or its predecessors E5/E6) was one of the most popular models among FiiO products in terms of sales quantity. Indeed, a portable amp at this price determines its high market demands. After the E06 served for so long time, it’s time for us to greet its new born successor the brand new A1.


The shipment of A1 to our worldwide sales agents starts today (March 18th), so you can kindly check with local agents (>>Where to buy) for its availability by the end of this month.
Kindly find its introductions at:
>>Click Here


Best regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.