Estimated Available Date for FiiO RM1 / AM0 / AM3 / DK1

Author: Publish time:2016-04-22

As a music player, our X7 is so proud to have so many accessories. This kind of high standard unparalleled treatment might make X7 get “spoiled”, ha.

Kindly take a look at the picture, let’s introduce them one by one to you:
1.  LC-X7A (Slide-in leatherette case)
2.  LC-X7B (Real leather slide-in case)
3.  DK1 (Multifunction Dock)
4.  RM1 (Multifunctional Bluetooth Remote Controller)
5.  Protective stopper 
6.  AM2 (Medium power type)
7.  AM5 (High-power type)
8.  AM3 (Balanced type)
9.  AM1 (IEM type)
10. AM0 (Non-amped module )
11. X7 
12. ST-X7 (Embossed stickers)
13.  PF-X7 (Tempered glass screen protector)
14.  Clear case
15.  K5 (Docking Headphone Amplifier)


For now, the separate selling accessories LC-X7A / LC-X7B / AM2 / ST-X7 / PF-X7 / K5 had been released to the market already. Here kindly let you know the estimated release date for RM1 / AM0 / AM3 /DK1 as follows:
A.  RM1 --- It’s ready for order now, already started the shipment, so you can kindly check with local sales agent to check its availability by the end of Apr.

Find the introduction of RM1: >> Click here

B.  AM0 ---- It’s estimated to be ready by next week, so you can check with local sales agent by the beginning of May.

Find the introduction of AM0: >> Click here
C.  DK1/ AM3: It’s estimated to be ready by the beginning of May, you can check with local sales agent by the middle of May.
Find the introduction of DK1: 
>> Click here

Find the introduction of AM3: >> Click here


Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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