Happy Ninth Anniversary--The Strength Behind FiiO

Author: Publish time:2016-04-25

There are always a group of people behind FiiO.
They are not only engineers but also artists.
They are not only craftsmen but also inventors.
They devote lots of time to every product.
They represent the products, and they are responsible for the products.
Thank them for their contribution to FiiO all the time.


This time, we want their aspiration to be heard by all of us.

During these seven years I worked in FiiO, I touched AMP and DAP and knew there’s more than only one way to play music. From pioneer period to development period, FiiO comes to today step by step. FiiO’s  operation philosophy, core value, rational management have never changed. It’s comfortable to work in FiiO as at home.  I found it’s not easy to do one thing well, and it’s more difficult to insist on doing this thing perfect enough. But only you take the first, many possibilities can come true. Thanks to FiiO.

 _____Engineer of quality and technology, Jayson , worked in FiiO for 7 years.


I joined FiiO family in August 2009.  I have witnessed and participated in the growth of FiiO in the past 7 years. FiiO kept developing firmly from a small group with around 10 members to today’s scale. Thanks FiiO for giving me the platform to perform myself and letting me gain the treasure and dream at work.

______Purchasing manager, Tammy, Worked in FiiO for 7 years


I joined the company for practice after graduating from college. Now, five years have flashed away, FiiO seems like the second family in my life. When I look back, I found FiiO is growing and the people in this family as well. It feels good to grow together. 

_______Oversea PR supervisor, Sunny, Worked in FiiO for 5years


I feel very proud that I have worked in FiiO for 5 years. From the initial AMP(E12\E17) to the successful launching of first DAP X3 in 2013, then the X7 now, we have poured lots of time into every product. All these are to satisfy the experience of enthusiastic fans.

_______Chief engineer of physical design, Jim, Worked in FiiO for 5 years


I have worked in FiiO for 5 years in quality management. After I joined this job, I deeply realized that the quality requirement from market is improving. Fortunately, all the FiiO staffs support the quality at the back. We make our products achieve the satisfaction of customers together, even beyond the market requirement. The requirements of customers are power to make us move forward. The satisfaction is our goal to chase.

_______Assistant manager of quality, Vitolo, Worked in FiiO for 5years 

Because I love the audio industry, I joined FiiO by chance after graduating from college in 2011. Five years flashed away, and I am worthy of the name of sophisticate now. I’m taking care of the domestic market promotion and after sales, participate in official copy writing sometimes. I called myself a factotum. Many things of FiiO have relations with me because FiiO has blended in my life. I stayed and grew up with FiiO in the past years, it gives me many memories. This year is the ninth year of FiiO, I wish FiiO can improve firmly and become better and better.

 ____Market promotion and after sales supervisor of domestic market, Matt, worked in FiiO for 5 years


To a designer, the happiest thing is that the products we designed are launched in the market and loved by the customers. As a fresher, I’m very fortunate that company trusts me so much and let me participate in the projects. I wish we could work together to bring better and higher quality products to our customers.

______Industrial designer, Young, Worked in FiiO for 1 year


They neither believe the coincidence, nor the lucky. They only believe concentration all the time.
At the ninth anniversary of FiiO, we thank them for their pay out.
As it’s known, only self-acceptance is not enough for a good product.
There are a group of people also making FiiO progressing constantly.
They are the people who believe, support and suggest FiiO,
They make FiiO moving forward and breaking through.
They make FiiO having its own pride.

At the ninth anniversary of FiiO, we thank them for their existing.

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Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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