Introduction to NON-AMPED MODULE AM0

Author: Publish time:2016-05-06

Dear respected customers,


In order to bring convenience to users in choosing the ideal module to match the X7, we will release the X7 body (standard edition—without amp module) by the end of this month or so.


Apart from the amp modules AM2/AM5/AM3, we also provide the AM0 for option. As we can see from its name NON-AMPED MODULE, AM0 has no amplification function. It has only one USB port, but no headphone port. Therefore, AM0 is for users who like to use X7 as audio source while connecting to external DAC or AMP.


However, apart from the above difference, the AM0 can be used in the same way as other amp modules, such as charging, connecting to PC for USB DAC/ storage function or docking to K5/DK1.


Kindly check for the detailed introduction for AM0 by below pictures or >> Click Here


Some sales agents might place order for AM0 when X7 body becomes available. So you can check with local sales agents for the availability of AM0 if you want to get one. Thanks.


Best Regards,


FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. 

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