FiiO Releases the X7 Standard Edition (Without Amp Module)

Author: Publish time:2016-05-24

Dear respected customers,


By the time when we release the X7 by last September, we had almost confirmed that we will release 4 kinds of headphone amp modules with different release date of each. Based on the market needs, we can’t wait till all the amp modules get ready to sell the X7. Therefore, we firstly released the X7 bundling with the IEM module AM1.


With the release of AM2, AM5 and AM0 and the feedbacks of end users, we now release the X7 standard edition (without amp module) offering the choice for the users to choose the most favorite amp modules to match the X7.


Therefore, in the transient period, the following two editions of X7 will be on the market at the same time:

1.  X7 bundling with the IEM module AM1: It will be available until the stocks run out. And the AM1 will available for order soon with the other amp modules.
2.  X7 Standard Edition (X7 body only, without amp module): Please kindly note that the X7 Standard Edition(Body only) is without any amp module, only with one protective stopper at the bottom, which means it can’t be used for listening music nor charging. So before buying it, please kindly choose an extra amp module you like most to bundle with the X7 body. 


We will arrange the delivery for X7 Standard Edition (X7 body only, without amp module) to our worldwide sales agents in the following days, so please kindly check with your local dealers at Where to Buy for its availability by the beginning of June. 


Best Regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. 

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.