FiiO Releases the Final Firmware 2.0 for X3 2nd gen

Author: Publish time:2016-05-31

The following changes and improvements have been made to FW2.0 compared to FW1.6:
1.  Added library search function: activate by holding Shortcuts button in any category or folder browsing screen; use previous / next buttons to switch between numbers and alphabet);
2.  Added option to manually clear media library database file (via System Settings);
3.  Added option to delete a track (outside of Now Playing);
4.  Added play mode: play single track and stop;
5.  Added Line Output level options (fixed or variable level);
6.  Added DoP and D2P options to S/PDIF output;
7.  Added DAC output reconstruction lowpass filter options (steep and gentle slope);
8.  Added Recently Played playlist (via Play by Category);
9.  Added support for ReplayGain;
10. Added docking support to use with FiiO K5 or DK1;
11. Optimized UI operation and speed;
12. Amended the EQ setting to be dynamic, so as to avoid a sudden low voice when turning on the EQ or a sudden loud voice when turning off the EQ
13. Fixed issue with hidden files stored by a Mac OS computer accessing the cards on the X3 2nd gen;
14. Miscellaneous bug fixes; 


New X3 FW2.0: >>Download Address
New X3 USB DAC Driver: >>Download Address 

New X3 Update Guide: >>Click Here

Complete User Manual: >>Download Address 


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