FiiO Releases X7 New Firmware FW2.0

Author: Publish time:2016-07-02

The following changes and improvements were made to X7 FW2.0 over FW1.91:

1. Added DAC output reconstruction lowpass filter options (Steep and Gradual);

2. Added support to scan the files via Android > internal_sd under FiiO Music;

3. Added support to VU meters (Under now playing interface, it will change from Cover, Lyrics, ID3 Info and VU meters on clicking the cover);

4. Added docking support to use with FiiO DK1;

5. Added option of adjustable volume at lineout;

6. Added DoP option to DAC output;

7. Added DoP option to S/PDIF output;

8. Added button mapping function;

9. Added certification info of X7 (About X7 > Legal information > Certifications);

10. Added support for different headphone amplifier modules;

11. Fixed the issue where it takes long time to process the last song when updating media-lib;

12. Fixed the issue where the volume may go down and then become normal when go to the next song;

13. Fixed the issue where the cover may fail to display under the interface of Album and Artist of FiiO Music;

14. Fixed the issue where the Bluetooth playback may fail with the EQ on;

15. Miscellaneous bug fixes; 


A. Please follow the prompt “Update data, please scan for music first” after update successful.

B.The VU meter is disabled to display when play via Bluetooth. So when changing to play via FiiO Music, it is suggested to go to Next or Prev track or fast forward / rewind to get it display right. The VU meter is disabled to display when playing DSD file as well, but it will be fixed by further firmware.


X7 FW 2.0:  >> Download Address

X7 USB DAC Driver + installation tutorial>>Download Address 

How to upgrade the X7 firmware:  >> Click here
X7 App installation tutorial:  >> Click here

X7 DLNA Usage Guide:  >> Click here


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