The Medium-power Type Amp Module AM2A is Available Now

Author: Publish time:2016-08-10

Dear respected customers,


Up till now, we have already released four different amp modules including AM1, AM2, AM3 and AM5. However, pursuing perfection is restless. We have the plan to develop one or more official amp module based on customers’ needs, as a result, the anticipated AM2A is coming.


AM2A is the official MOD (modified) version based on a popular non-official MOD version of AM1. It utilizes the combo AD8620+AD8397ARDZ as its operational amplification. The voltage supply of AM2A is the same as that of AM2, that’s why we name it as AM2A.


Owing to the fact that the AM1/AM2/AM3/AM5 had already provided a full coverage for different headphone ports and output power, so any new amp module would be the revised version on the basis of above models. And they will mainly focus on a small group of users who look for different “taste” of sound quality. 


So basically, there might be a few sales agents would order the AM2A. Up till now, we have shipped AM2A to the following agents in overseas market.
>> Click Here) or EXTREME AUDIO INC (>> Click Here)
2. Thailand: Holysai (
>> Click Here)

3. UK: EA Audio (>> Click Here)

4. UK: AV Shop (>> Click Here)

5. Sweden: UZTORE AB (>> Click Here)


If you cannot purchase AM2A locally, welcome to buy on FiiO Aliexpress store. Buying link: >> Click Here 


Check the introduction of AM2A on FiiO website at: >> Click Here


Check the comparison among AM1, AM2, AM2A, AM3 and AM5 at below chart.

Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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