2016 Guangzhou HiFi Headphone & Digital Audio Expo—Review

Author:FiiO Publish time:2016-09-13

The 2016 Guangzhou HiFi Headphone & Digital Audio Expo and FiiO 2016 Autumn Launch Event have come to a successful end. Thank you to all friends, media, distinguished guests and business partners for your kind visit and the kind attention and support to us for those who couldn’t come to the site.  


1.    FiiO announced 9 new products in total at the Launch event
A. Headphone Amplifier -- A5
B. Portable High Resolution Music Player -- All New X1
C. Earphones -- F1
D. Earphones -- F3
E. Lightning Headphone Amplifier & DAC -- i1
F. Lightning Earphones -- iF3
G. Bluetooth Cable -- BTC-MMCX
H. Flagship DAC & AMP -- Q5

I. Headphone Amplifier Module -- AM6

2.    Sharing of wonderful moments at the Launch event and the Expo

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