The public beta firmware of Android 5.1 for FiiO X7 is coming!

Author: Publish time:2016-10-05

Dear Respected Customers,


X7 supporting Android 5.1 had actually already been a must-do mission way before X7's launch. Back in the middle of 2014, we had already started the software development of X7. However, for consideration of stability of the system and the sales plan of X7, Android 4.4 was the only and the best choice back then.


In March 2015, Google released the Android 5.1. But at the time, it's much harder to develop the Android 5.1 than Android 4.4 and it certainly would be more time-consuming. RK did not provide technical support for RK3188 to run with Android 5.1 until July 2015, so we didn't have much time left before X7's launch. Besides, our software team will have to take care of the software upgrade of other models. Therefore the Android 5.1 for X7 is a bit left behind. We're so sorry for keeping you waiting.


Today, the Android 5.1 finally can be realized on X7! To better satisfy the need of our customers, we have improved the underlying framework and design a brand-new audio architecture which will bring you excellent music experience. However, since the underlying design of the firmware is very different from the Android 4.4, the firmware upgrade can only be realized by burning with the desktop upgrade tool. Also some functions might be different after the upgrade, please find the following introductions for your reference.



A. Statements before upgrade:


1. Though this firmware is based on Android 5.1, it still needs time for perfection. Therefore, we have defined it the public beta version. You can choose to upgrade or not according to your personal preference. Also you're welcomed to share your opinions and suggestions about this firmware with us.

2. This firmware upgrade can only be realized by burning with the upgrade tool. All data on X7 will be erased after upgrade. So please backup your important data stored on X7's internal storage and remove the SD card before the upgrade.


B. The FW3.0beta (Android5.1.1) solves the problems left from the FW2.0 (Android4.4.4) and adds the following functions:


1.No SRC for third-party music applications
2.Adopted the incremental media lib update (only new songs will be updated), and added recently played playlist
3.Added sorting by alphabetical order (among different languages)/file name/track number /number of tracks in album. (Both ascending and descending are supported)
4.Added the Maximum volume and customized volume setting in FiiO music
5.Added the continuous volume adjustment when screen-off
6.Added the manual OTA upgrade(Technical support->Firmware Update->Online Upgrade, OTA upgrade will be available next time)
7.Added instant switch between Android mode and Pure music mode (no reboot required)
8.CUE tracks can be added to the playlist directly
9.Press the Play button to wake up X7 from hibernation, press again to play music without lighting up the screen.
10. Improved the USB DAC delay
11. Improved the power consumption of standby and music play, playtime can last for 90 min longer.
12. Improved the pull-down menu, where common used functions can be switched directly
13. Improved the stability of Google Play.


C. However, there are still some unsolved bugs on the FW3.0 Beta version:

1. No sound output when using as USB DAC for MAC computers;

2. Gapless playback is not available on this version owing to its imperfection;

3. ISO tracks cannot be added to media library, currently it can only be added to Playlists or Folders to play;

4. The speed of transferring files to the internal memory is not very fast;

5. There is short delay on playback when operating fast forward and rewind;

6. Small ratio of playback noise at certain operations (can be fixed by changing tracks or replay); App might exit abnormally (can be fixed by opening the App again);

7. Impulsive sound might be heard when turning off the X7 with AM2/AM2A;

8. Unnatural swing of pointers in the VU meters.


D. FAQ when upgrading to the new firmware with Android 5.1:


1. Why does the progress bar at the upgrade tool menu not move while in the process of upgrade?

Please make sure the upgrade tool had been installed correctly; you may try to run the burning tool program ("RKUpgradeDllTest.exe") again as administrator after installing the driver following the provided instructions.


2. Why does the "play through folders" function not work?

It is based on the file sorting when changing tracks through folders; if there is any problem on the sorting, it might cause the operation of "play through folders" invalid or incorrect; please try to fix it by resorting the files.


3. Why do some folders not appear in certain folders?

Please try to fix it by resorting the files.


4. Why some songs can't be supported or play with noise?

Some files that are not well compatible with the system would be blocked out; for tracks with noise, please kindly send the files to


5. Why is there no sound output when using X7 as USB DAC?

The Android 5.1 system comes with only one audio channel. In case that the channel is occupied by other operation, there would be no sound output; please try to unplug and replug the USB cable to fix it.


6. Why is the system response slow when using third-party input methods?

The Android 5.1 system comes with one audio channel. The system prompt tone of the third-party input method would conflict with the audio path of Android 5.1; it can be fixed after closing the system prompt tone of the third-party input method.


7. Why are the Hiby Music/Foobar Android not supported?

The Android 5.1 adopts the brand-new audio architecture, and the audio channel of Hiby Music/Foobar Android would conflict with the middle service of the 5.1 system and makes it unusable; it awaits further amendment.


8. Why is there no settings option when pulling down the settings menu?

The Android 5.1 system comes with two levels of pulling down; pulling for the first time to display the notifications bar and pulling for the second time for the settings shortcuts.


9. How come that every time I play songs in FiiO Music it would exit abnormally?

Please try to reset the database (FiiO Music->Settings->Reset database), scan for songs and play again (playlists and My favorite list wouldn't be deleted after resetting the database). If the above operation is non-effective, please go to System Settings->Apps->All, click the FiiO Music app, click "CLEAR DATA" and then try again (Clearing the data will empty the playlists/My favorite and other media lib data, but wouldn't delete any music in internal storage/SD card)


10. How come that every time I enter FiiO Music it would exit abnormally?

Please go to System Settings->Apps->All, click the FiiO Music app, click "CLEAR DATA" and then try again (Clearing the data will empty the playlists/My favorite and other media lib data, but wouldn't delete any music in internal storage/SD card)


Firmware and tools: click here.   (The upgrade tool needs to be run on a computer with Windows system)

How to upgrade: click here


Note: The future update of the beta firmware will be released on our official forum:


Best Regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. 


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