FiiO all-new X1 is on the way to our worldwide sales agents!

Author: Publish time:2016-10-07

Regarding worldwide delivery of the X1 (Updated Oct 10th, 2016)


Dear Friends,


Thank you for your kind patience and constant attention for the all-new X1. Before our National Day (Oct 1st), we had arranged some X1 deliveries with FW1.0. Now we have a new firmware version FW1.2 and the delivery will continue starting today (Oct 7th) with the new FW1.2 firmware. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to.


Shipped before Oct 1st:

(with firmware version FW1.0, should upgrade to FW1.2—see details at the bottom)


Australia:              Addicted To Audio

Australia:              Sound Sight Focus

Canada:               Nexus International

France:                Son Video Distribution

Hungary:              Kriptonit Kft

Indonesia:            Dontblameyourears

Iran:                     Namdaran Mobile Communications

Mexico:                Audiofilia Mexico

Netherlands:        HDPHNS B.V

New Zealand:       Sound essentials

Romania:            Avstore

Singapore:          Eng Siang International Pte Ltd

Spain:                 Zococity .SL

Sweden:             uZtore AB

Switzerland:       Portacomp AG

Thailand:           FiiOThai Ordinary Partnership.

Thailand:           Holysai

UAE:                    Smart Audio Electronics Trading L.L.C

UK:                      EA Audio

Ukraine:              ITKOM Trade Company Limited

USA:                 Office Direct Sales Inc

USA:                 Starium Inc

USA:                Tekfx

Vietnam:          Audio Choice


Oct 7th: 

Armenia:       David Yavruyan
Chile:            Xweb Ltd
India:            Ferrari Vedio
Italy:             Playstereo
Singapore:  Red Fusion One


Oct 8th:

Belarus:                Magnit Invest
Belarus:                Morejka
Czech republic:     GOTHIC
Germany:             NT Global Distribution GmbH 
India:                    Origin Marketing
Malaysia:             E1 Personal Audio
Poland:                MIP
S.Korea:              Headphone World Inc / Extreme Audio Inc
UK:                      Advanced MP3 player


Oct 10th:

India:                   Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


X1 2nd gen FW1.2:   >> Click here
The following changes and improvements were made to FW1.2 compared to FW1.0:
1.    Fixed issue where hang-up happens when deleting the whole folder under playing;
2.    Fixed issue where the EQ presets and Custom EQ didn't work;
3.    Fixed issue where holding the shortcuts button sometimes would go to the Now playing instead of quick search under the Browse Files menu;
4.    Fixed issue where the sound at Bluetooth output was very loud with the volume level set to “0” and the balance set as unbalance (such as R1);
5.    Fixed issue where it wouldn’t start playing right after changing tracks at pause (needed to press OK to play);
6.    Amended the distortion issue when playing AAC files (.m4a);
7.    Fixed the impulsive sound issue when powering off with docking station (such as K5);
8.    Fixed issue where the output was not set back as PO (Phone out) after plugging and unplugging from the docking station;
9.    Fixed issue where there is no sound output regardless of resume mode is set on or not after docking to station > power off > enter the charging screen > press the Power button to enter the main menu;
10.    Fixed issue where it would play songs automatically with no sound output under in-vehicle mode after plug the powered off X1 to the USB port to power on with Line out mode set to fixed level and Resume mode turned on;
11.    Fixed issue where there is no response when changing tracks with Line out mode set to fixed level and Playback gap set to fade in/fade out;
12.    Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Best regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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