FiiO Releases the New Firmware FW1.5.3 for X1 2nd gen

Author: Publish time:2017-01-03

The following changes and improvements have been made to FW1.5.3 compared to FW1.4.1:
1. Added feature of displaying the title of the track under Category after updated media lib (while still display the file name under Browse files);
2. Added feature of display the CDs in the sequence of its name under Album > Category;
3. Added scroll wheel press function (System setting> Scroll wheel press function);
4. Added support for playing through categories (albums / artists / genres);
5. Fixed issue where some Bluetooth devices can't be connected or manual input of pin code was required;
6. Fixed issue where the RM1 couldn't be re-connected upon wake-up after being standby when there was no operation for a while;
7. Fixed issue where the LO would be switched back to PO when RM1 got disconnected, after it switched the PO to LO automatically on connecting to RM1;
8. Fixed issue where the sound would stutter when playing some high sample rates tracks via Bluetooth playback;
9. Fixed issue where the single track splitted from CUE file couldn't be added to newly added playlist;
10. Fixed issue where the ending of last track could be still heard after changing to the next track when playing CUE file;
11. Fixed issue where the ID3 info was not available for some CUE files;
12. Fixed issue where the tracks were not be ranked in the sequence of track number under Album > Category;
13. Fixed issue where it needed to wait for some time before sound could be heard when playing some MP3 tracks;
14. Fixed issue where the display for the file name couldn't scroll when it's too long under full cover display;
15. Fixed issue where some external playlist (.m3u/.m3u8) couldn't be identified;
16. Fixed issue where the screen couldn't be waken up by holding OK button at now playing interface under Lockscreen2;
17. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


1. This firmware modified the database of X1 2nd gen, so that some of the database info would be reset after upgraded to FW1.5.3.
Which means the stored info in Favorites, Playlists and paired Bluetooth devices will be emptied. Please update the media lib after upgraded the firmware.
2. Scroll wheel press function: With this function, you can adjust the volume, change tracks and operate Prev track/Rewind or Next track/Fast forward under now playing interface by pressing/holding the four points on the scroll wheel (Up / Down / Left / Right), and move the cursor outside the now play interface.


X1II FW1.5.3: >>Download Address
How to upgrade : >> Click here

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