Discount Combos of EX1II in New year

Author: Publish time:2017-01-06

On July 2015, FiiO partnered with the well-known earphone manufacturer DUNU to create the EX1 based on the DUNU Titan1. According to statistics, the EX1 has gone on to become one of the best-selling IEMs internationally from a Chinese brand in the 60 USD and up range!

Additionally, the EX1 has been praised by enthusiasts all over the world. However, we at FiiO could not just be complacent – in order to be true to the spirit of “Born for Music and Happy”, we again partnered up with DUNU to go back to the drawing board to create an even more refined version of the EX1, with more useful features and even better sound quality.

To appreciate the support and trust of our customers,especially our new earphone EX1II is launched on Jan 6th. Therefore FiiO introduced a lot of discount combo in this time! Are you ready? So just buy it!


Sale period: Limited quantity, while the stocks last!
Open to all interested customers!
Shopping platform: AliExpress

Purchase link: 

X3II+EX1II:  >> Click Here

X5II+EX1II : >> Click Here

X1+EX1II : >> Click Here

M3+EX1II : >> Click Here

EX1I+A1S : >> Click Here

(It's already with the special price; you can add to the cart and pay for it directly).

Event details:
1. Free shipping to destination (DHL, FedEx or Post, etc).
2. Matters needing attention for the purchase:
A. Please pay for your order promptly after placing it, we will deliver the goods according to the sequence of your payment.
B. We will arrange the delivery within 72 hours after your payment.
C. Please provide your detailed address, contact, phone number and the type of express you like while placing the order.
D. Type of express: shipping is included with the purchase. Please be patient while air mail takes its longer time delivering the package to you. As we know recently post is very slowly ,some customers have to wait more than 60days to get the goods. If express shipping (such as DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc.) is desired, 20USD extra shipping cost will be required.2. For those who would like to use DHL, UPS, FedEx or EMS, please leave a message about the declared value of your order to avoid any rejection of goods due to Customs duties incurred. Some products are supposed to be shipped by DHL. However, if your local customs is harsh on the imported goods, you could leave a message to tell us to ship your order by parcel post.

PS: We could not be sure about the exact delivery time. So we will not be responsible for that if the goods could not reach you within stipulated time due to holiday or other force majeure factors. Anyone who files a dispute and asks for full refund on that will be no longer qualified to enjoy any discount of FiiO's products. 

1. This activity serves with limited quantity, first come first serve. While stocks last!
2. Each account could buy up to 1 unit during the promotional period.
3. FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. reserves all rights to interpret and / or revise the terms of the present sales activity. 

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