FiiO EX1 2nd gen is on the way to our worldwide sales agents!

Author: Publish time:2017-01-09

Regarding worldwide delivery of the EX1 2nd gen (Updated Jan 13th, 2017)
Dear respected customers,
Delivery of the EX1 2nd gen has started on Jan 6th. Please kindly check this post for a daily updated list of countries / regions and agents we have sent goods to.  


Jan 13th:

Singapore: Red Fusion One Pte. Ltd. (>> Click Here)    


Jan 12th:

Malaysia: E1 Personal Audio (>> Click Here)  


Jan 11th:
Indonesia:   Dontblameyourears
 (>> Click Here)  
Italy:            Audio Azimuth  (>> Click Here)   


Jan 10th:

Hungary:       KriptonIT Kft (>> Click Here)  
India:             Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (>> Click Here)  
Switzerland:   Portacomp AG (>> Click Here)  
UK:                EA Audio (>> Click Here)  


Jan 6th and 9th:
Australia:      Sound Sight Focus
(>> Click Here)   
Germany:     NT Global Distribution GmbH  
(>> Click Here) 
Romania:     AV STORE (>> Click Here)  
Russia:       BLADE
(>> Click Here) 
(>> Click Here) 
Sweden:     UZTORE
(>> Click Here) 
Thailand:    Holysai
(>> Click Here)  
UAE:           Smart Audio Electronics Trading L.L.C
(>> Click Here) 
UK:             AV Shop
(>> Click Here)  
Vietnam:     Audio Choice  
(>> Click Here) 
By our estimate, it would take 4 to 5 working days for the parcels to reach our agents abroad, which means all of you can try contacting the local sales agents by middle of this month.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or directly contact our local agents.
Happy listening!
Best regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.


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