Official Firmware FW1.1.0 of X5 3rd gen Available!

Author: Publish time:2017-02-10

X5 3rd gen was released back in December, but it's a pity that it hasn't been available in oversea market yet. However, as the first official firmware FW1.1.0 available, X5 3rd gen is about to be ready! 


According to the latest plan, X5 3rd gen will be shipped to our global agents by the end of this month if thing goes well. Keep following our website and Facebook and we will update the situation of X5 3rd gen and delivery information! 


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.1.0 compared to FW1.0.9


1. Fixed issue where the playing progress bar was not displayed for some third-party music apps;
2. Fixed issue where some third-party music apps could not save downloads to the external SD cards;
3. Fixed issue where the volume might drop when the player was docked to K5 in some cases;
4. Fixed issue where the player would not enter standby mode when FiiO Music was running but with no music playing;
5. Improved issue where the title of some tracks was displayed incorrectly;
6. Improved the track sorting method;
7. Improved issue where FiiO Music would exit abnormally when scanning some CUE sheets.


Firmware Download: Click here.

How to update: Click here.

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