FiiO Releases the New Firmware FW1.1.1 for X5 3rd gen

Author: Publish time:2017-02-25

The following changes and improvements have been made to FW1.1.1 compared to FW1.1.0.


1. Added album art display in lockscreen (can be enabled/disabled in FiiO Music->Settings->Lockscreen album art)

2. Added option to auto-match/manually search for lyrics & album art (the auto-match function can be enabled in FiiO Music->Settings->Auto-match lyrics & album art; and to manually search, you can directly click on the lyrics screen if there're no lyrics available or click the Functions icon at the lower right of the lyrics screen then select search);

3. Added option to display the songs by album under the Genre category (you can click the mode icon below the Genre category icon to switch display method);

4. Updated the UI of ViPER Effect;

5. Improved issue where FiiO Music would exit abnormally when scanning some CUE sheets.

6. Improved issue where the title of some tracks was displayed incorrectly;

7. Improved the track sorting method;

8. Fixed issue where the album art of some FLAC tracks could not be displayed;

9. Fixed issue where the Key-lock settings would not take effect when a third-party app enabled the lockscreen album art display;

10. Fixed issue where the display of the track list in the Now Playing menu would not refresh automatically after the list was changed;

11. Fixed issue where the player would not enter standby mode when FiiO Music was running but with no music playing;

12. Miscellaneous bug fixed.


Notes regarding the Auto-match/manually search for lyrics & album art:


a) The lyrics and album art files will be downloaded to the same directory of the corresponding song by default.

b) FiiO Music will only automatically download the lyrics or album art if there's no lyrics or album art found.

c) Currently the lyrics and album art are searched by the track title and album name. So if the track's title or album name has got prefix/suffix (such as "01", "Bonus", "Deluxe version"), you need to manually remove these characters before searching.

d) If the downloaded lyrics or album art is incorrect, you can have it removed then re-download (click the Functions icon at the lower right of the lyrics screen then select the corresponding option).


Firmware download: Click here.

How to upgrade: Click here.


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