Statements regarding the music scanning problem on X5 3rd gen

Author: Publish time:2017-03-08

Dear customers,


We have recently received feedback from some customers saying that X5 3rd gen could not scan all the songs on it.


After receiving the feedback, our software team had run some tests on this problem and found that: the using habits of our Chinese users and the song file types they use are quite different from that in other regions. Most of the song files owned by our Chinese users only have external album art, while the customers in other regions are mostly playing the song files with embedded album art. When the X5 3rd gen scans the songs and update library, it will extract the embedded album art image from the song files and store them into a single folder. Since the quantity and size of files under one folder is limited on Android, the player will stop scanning when it reaches the limit. Therefore, when scanning a large music library, some songs might be omitted.


So far we've already planned to change the scanning mechanism, but it will require quite some work to finish. And the first beta test is not that satisfactory yet.


Before we solve this scanning problem, we recommend you follow the below methods to play your music.

a) View and play songs through the Folder view menu in FiiO Music;

b) Use a third-party app to play music. There is no SRC on the X5 3rd gen, so the sound quality from a third-party app is also guaranteed;

c) First scan for all the songs in FiiO Music then exit the app. After that open the ES file manager, delete the "album" folder under the directory "Internal_sd/FiiOMusic". Then reopen FiiO Music and scan for all songs again. (some of the album arts will not be displayed if using this method)


We couldn't give you an estimated time when we could fix this problem so far, and we think that it's not appropriate to make an irresponsible promise here. But we will try our best and fix this issue as soon as we can.


And we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might bring to you.


Best regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.

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