Statement about how to provide feedback of X5 3rd gen

Author: Publish time:2017-03-21

Dear respected users of X5 3rd gen,

Thank you so much for choosing our FiiO X5 3rd gen! Our software team is striving to improve the firmware and serve you with the best experience with our X5. However, we couldn't do it without your assistance in that. You're more than welcomed to share the problems you encountered with us via the following two ways.
1. At the very first startup of X5 3rd gen, you could choose to agree on our User Experience Improvement Project. In this way, any failure information of X5 3rd gen would be automatically uploaded to our server and our engineers could read that info and analyze it as soon as they could (You could go to "FiiO Music Settings- About APP-User Experience Improvement Project" to turn it on if you didn't agree on the project at the beginning).
2. Go to internal storage of your X5 3rd gen (internal_sd\FiiOMusic\crash), and send this "crash" folder to 
Either way could assist us to define what is the problem with your X5 3rd gen and improve the firmware and your user experience. Thanks in advance for your cooperation!


Best Regards

FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.


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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.