The X7 official firmware FW3.3.0 (Android 5.1) is now available!

Author: Publish time:2017-05-09

Dear X7 users,


In October 2016, the Android 5.1 was finally available on FiiO X7. To satisfy your needs, we optimized the Android 5.1 system frame and redesigned the audio architecture. The new firmware solved some leftover problems on FW2.0 (Android 4.4.4), improved the SRC (sampling rates conversion) for third-party apps and also added some new features, which was well accepted by many of our users.


To live up to your attachment and support to FiiO and X7, our software team has been working hard to optimize the firmware and we already have 24 versions of firmware updates up to now. In every new firmware, we strived to solve the problems you mentioned and add some new functions after taking your needs into consideration. However, apart from the X7's firmware, our software team also has to work on the firmware of our other products, so we're sorry that we only released the new firmware in beta version, in hope of collecting your accurate feedback and then conducting deep optimization on it. Hereby, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our X7 users. Thank you so much for your support and patience!


Over the last few months, our software team has solved most of the leftover problems. Meanwhile, we have added some new functions after analyzing your feedback and suggestions. So, here comes the official firmware (Android 5.1) for X7.


Statements before upgrade: 

1. If you have not yet upgraded the firmware to the FW3.xbeta, that is to say, your X7 is still running Android 4.4.4, then please download the X7 firmware upgrade tool package (>>click to download) and use the upgrade tool to upgrade the firmware on Windows computer. And here is the video instruction: >>click to watch


2. If your X7 is FW3.1.9_beta/FW3.2.0_beta/3.2.1_beta, you can upgrade the X7 via OTA directly.  If the X7 is already running Android 5.1 but not FW3.1.9_beta/FW3.2.0_beta/3.2.1_beta, then you need to download the OTA firmware package (>>click to download), transfer it to the X7 or micro SD card, and upgrade manually through the Technical support app on the X7. And here's the upgrade instruction: >>click to view  (see method 2: Manual update via update zip file).




The following changes and improvements were made to FW3.3.0(Android 5.1) compared to FW2.0(Android 4.4.4):

System update:
1. No SRC for third-party music applications;
2. Added support for Bluetooth apt-X; 
3. Added the Google account settings;
4. Added SPDIF out settings for DoP/D2P switch (under Settings->Audio settings);
5. Expanded the internal storage space from 1 GB to 2 GB;
6. Added instant switch between Android mode and Pure music mode (no reboot required);
7. Improved the USB DAC delay;
8. Improved the power consumption of standby and music play, playtime can last for 90 min longer.
9. Improved the stability of Google Play;
10. Changed the boot animation,the default wallpaper and the UI for USB DAC.


FiiO Music app update:
1. Adopted the incremental media lib update (only new songs will be updated), and added recently played playlist;
2. Added sorting by alphabetical order (among different languages)/file name/track number/number of tracks in album. (Both ascending and descending are supported);
3. Added sorting by CD number/Track number under an album;
4. Added sorting tracks by date added in the playlist;
5. Added the function of Play through Artist/ Genre/Album(turn ON the Play through folders);
6. Added option to display the songs by album under the Genre category (you can click the mode icon below the guitar-like Genre category icon to switch the display method);
7. Added album art and lyrics display on lockscreen (can be enabled/disabled in FiiO Music->Settings->Lockscreen album art/Lockscreen lyrics);
8. Added option to auto-match/manually search for and delete lyrics & album art;
9. Added playlist backup function (the backup playlist file--.cfg file will be stored under the directory \internal_sd\FiioMusic);
10. Added Recently Played playlist;
11. Added ViPER Effect plug-in (in FiiO Music->Settings);
12. Added new black theme for FiiO Music (FiiO Music->Settings->Theme);
13. Added option to return to the root directory with just one click while in the Folder view menu;
14. Improved the display logic of Title/File name (Displaying a track's Title under the list of All songs/Artist/Genre/Album, and File name when browsing the folder by default) 
15. Improved other basic functional experience and details. 





Best Regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd. 



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