Infinity Sound: FiiO Launch Event in Guangzhou • London • Singapore

Author: Publish time:2017-07-10

When seeing this title, you may wonder why it includes three locations. Yes, this time, our 2017 summer launch event will be held in Guangzhou, London and Singapore. Among the three, the first station in Guangzhou and the second station at CanJam London will be on the same day, while the one in Singapore will be just one week later owing to some location availability issues. 
FiiO 2017 Guangzhou • London • Singapore Launch Event will start from Guangzhou at 15:00 on July 15, 2017 (Beijing time).


It’s FiiO’s tradition to hold launch event in Guangzhou by September, and on the same day as the Guangzhou HiFi & Digital Audio Expo. But why we bring it forward to July this year? On one hand, it mainly because that our new products are ready and can’t wait to say hi to you; on the other hand, separating the launch event from the audio expo will make us have more time to prepare the launch event, as well as making our invited media, sales agents and users schedule their time leisurely and enjoy the launch event to the greatest.
Proud of being a Chinese brand, but we had never stopped our process of internationalization. The launch event this time in three places as well as three countries may push it to a climax. We are bold to try something new, with the hope to bring some fresh elements to the traditional launch event.
Meanwhile, the theme of the launch event is “Infinity Sound”,  which means the wider frequency response and sound stage that brought by the 2.5mm TRRS balanced output. Therefore, the new products that will be released this time are all balanced, including music players, DAC & amplifier and IEMs. It indicates our attitude and determination of providing not only one single product, but a whole system solution to the customers.


As usual, we will do a real-time report on our Facebook (@ FiiOAudio) and Twitter (@FiiO_official) for the launch event, so please kindly stay with us on July 15th, starting from 15:00 Beijing time.


Also, after we initiated the united launch event in Guangzhou, the CanJam London will be on with all the new products and followed by the Singapore station, so please stay tuned! See you then!


Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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