FiiO releases the new firmware FW1.1.7 for X5 3rd gen

Author: Publish time:2017-07-28


The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.1.7 compared to the FW1.1.6


1. Added a new theme for FiiO Music (can be set in FiiO Music->Setting->Theme);

2. Added function to change the play order of the Now Playing list by dragging a track and moving it up or down (the order change will take effect for only once);

3. Added function to uninstall the Google service framework (go to "Settings->About device" and tap 7 times on the "Device name");

4. Improved the media lib auto-update in FiiO Music;

5. Fixed issue where a track could not be fast-forwarded to the end by dragging on the play progress bar;

6. Fixed issue where FiiO Music would exit abnormally after clicking the play button beside an artist then clicking into it;

7. Fixed issue where the total number of tracks would be mistakenly displayed as zero after returning to the root directory from a subfolder in Browse Files menu;

8. Fixed issue where FiiO Music needed to be opened with multiple clicks after it's closed by force;

9. Fixed issue where FiiO Music might exit abnormally when playing some tracks of unsupported formats;

10. Fixed issue where the play progress was displayed incorrectly in the Now Playing menu after pausing a CUE track;

11. Fixed issue where some single-channel tracks were played incorrectly;

12. Improved issue where some tracks could not be played;

13. Improved issue where some track titles were displayed incorrectly;

14. Improved the random play of an entire folder;

15. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Firmware download: click here (20170804)

How to upgrade: click here

DAC USB driver download: click here



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