Balanced to the End: FiiO Releases the All-new X3 Mark III

Author: Publish time:2017-08-11

X3 1st gen was the groundbreaking work of FiiO's music player and definitely a classic milestone product. To the audiophiles, our X3 1st gen makes our users realize that high resolution lossless music player could be so portable; to us, there is no doubt that it's a product with extraordinary significance. After upgraded to the X3 2nd gen, now we bring forward the all-new X3 Mark III. What kind of new music experience will it bring to FiiO users?


Based on the X3 2nd gen, the all-new X3 Mark III had been fully upgraded and improved from the perspectives of appearance design and hardware specifications: It inherits the design language of previous FiiO X-series players with five-button and scroll wheel layout; Unique “sandwich” structure makes it look even much thinner; The newly added balanced output gives a broader soundstage; Dual DACs for great sound wherever; Supports Bluetooth 4.1 and dual-mode Bluetooth; Multifunction Line Out/Coaxial Output with support for D2P and DoP; Moreover, you can choose between passionate red or graceful black, etc.


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The delivery of X3 Mark III starts this week. But owing to the limited quantity, it will be only distributed to certain markets including USA, Russia, Germany, UK, France, Thailand, Canada, Spain, Singapore, India and Switzerland. We will also share a daily updated list of shipping info from today.
The next batch will be arranged soon which will be released to the worldwide agents. Please stay tuned with us!
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