Review of 2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show

Author: Publish time:2017-08-15

The 2017 Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show has come to a successful end.  Many people visited the FiiO booth and showed great interest in our newly released products X7 Mark II, X3 Mark III, Q1 Mark II, F9 and other hot models.


Each exhibition provides us a good chance of improving, that's why the audio show this time was so successful. From the booth arrangement, audition products display to the show girls, every aspects had improved a lot than before ever. Thank you all for coming over to support us.


Now let's take a brief review of the show together!


The day before the show, FiiO staffs reached the exhibition center to decorate the booth. Check out how many balanced combinations we have provided for audition.

Red goes with red, perfectly matched!

There are 6 combinations on each side which ensures at least 12 visitors try the products at one time.

Two girls hand out the brochures.

More and more people came to our booth.

NO.1 show girl came, the booth then became more crowded.

What a lovely girl!

FiiO fans range from grey-haired grandpa and grandma to lovely children.

People come and people go, did FiiO staff have the time to dining?

FiiO mascot the white sheep came out to help, LOL!

Show time for the NO. 2 show girl!

Three busy days came to a successful end; all the staffs take a big picture!

Shall we meet again by next year! Thank you all!

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.