FiiO Releases the Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs F9 SE (Standard Edition)

Author: Publish time:2017-08-25

FiiO F9 has soon been welcomed by the market ever since its release, but it's in short supply both home and abroad even by now. Owing to its complicated craftsmanship of the detachable connector and in-line control design, our strict quality control further makes the daily output fall short of demand. We feel pretty sorry for this.


Someone out there may question: can it be without detachable connector? Can it be without balanced cable? Can it be without in-line controls? Can it be L-type plug?


The answer is definite yes to all the "can" questions above!


In order to boost the production capacity and meet the strong demand for this triple driver hybrid IEMs, we now release its standard edition F9 SE, which has made some small changes based on the original F9, such as changed to non-detachable, sans in-line controls single-ended cable, 3.5mm L-type plug, etc. And it's still available in red and black.


To know more about the details of F9 SE, please visit:

To know more about the comparisons of F9 and F9 SE, please visit:


The delivery of F9 SE to our worldwide agents starts this week. If you are considering about getting one, you can kindly check with local agents (at for its availability.


For better before and after sales service, we suggest you to buy from local sales agents. But if it's not available in your local market, you can kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store at:


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