Statement regarding the X7 firmware FW3.3.2

Author: Publish time:2017-09-04

Dear customers,


We released the FW3.3.1 for the X7 in late August. After that, some customers gave us feedback that the battery level would be falsely displayed as 100% after the upgrade. Once we got the feedback, our software team started immediately to locate the problem and after a few days' working and testing, the problem has been fixed. We also added the OTA update log display function in the new firmware, so you can first check the update log before updating firmware through OTA in the future.


The latest firmware FW3.3.2 is now also available for OTA upgrade, you can check for the update on your X7 after connecting it to the Internet through WiFi.


We sincerely apologies for any inconvenience this has caused!


The following changes has been made to the FW3.3.2 comparing to the FW3.3.1:

1. Fixed issue where the battery level might be falsely displayed as 100% after firmware upgrade on some players;
2. Added firmware OTA update log display (how to view: open the Technical support app, enter Firmware Update->Online Upgrade, 

and click Check Upgrade. If a new version is detected and listed, you can click the arrow icon on its right to view the update log).


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How to upgrade the X7: Click here
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