FiiO Releases the New Firmware FW1.0.1 for X7MKII

Author: Publish time:2017-09-08

The following changes and improvements have been made to the FW1.0.1 compared to the FW1.0.0


1. Added support for DSD256;
2. Added Performance mode selection (Balanced or High Performance, can be set in Settings->Performance mode);
3. Added a new method to restore Google service (After uninstalling Google service, perform a factory restore then re-update the current firmware);
4. Fixed issue where the Gapless playback function might not work in a few cases;
5. Fixed issue where the change of the playback mode could not be saved or the Resume function could not remember the correct song/location if shutting down the player without exiting FiiO Music app first;
6. Fixed issue where the display of the Now Playing list would not refresh after switching songs;
7. Fixed issue where the albums under the Artist category might be displayed in incorrect order;
8. Fixed issue where the DSD file might fail to play when output via Bluetooth in some cases;
9. Fixed issue where after the sleep function takes effect, the player would not display the shutdown animation if the screen is off;
10. Miscellaneous bug fixes.


Download link: Click here.

How to upgrade: Click here.


Here is some details about the new added Balanced and High performance modes.
Balanced mode:
Battery life: Approximately 9 hours (tested in certain conditions) , about 1 hour longer that in High performance mode;
Performance:352.8/384kHz SRC to 176.4/192kHz; no SRC while playing other sampling rate songs.

High performance mode:
Battery life:Approximately 8 hours (tested in certain conditions) when playing certain testing tracks;
Performance: supports decoding 352.8/384kHz and no SRC.

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Copyright © FiiO. All right reserved.