Attending the CES 2018? Meet FiiO at Venetian Tower Suite 29-322!

Author: Publish time:2018-01-02

The CES 2018 is approaching very fast! As the world's biggest consumer electronics show, CES is a feast of technology and innovation. Please be sure to drop by our booth at Venetian Tower Suite 29-322, to enjoy the music feast with FiiO's representatives and our CEO James that you've heard so much about him, yes, he is coming to the CES 2018 this year to meet you guys face to face.


The newly released IEMS FH1 & F9 PRO and the best-seller Bluetooth Amp BTR1, and so on, will be all featured at our booth. Check the list of items that you can get hands-on:


Portable Music Player

Smart Hi-Res Lossless Music Player X7 Mark II
Smart Hi-Res Lossless Music Player X5 3rd gen
Portable High-Res Lossless Music Player X3 Mark III 
Portable High-Res Lossless Music Player X1 2nd gen


Portable Headphone Amp & DAC

Flagship Bluetooth DSD DAC & Amp Q5

Native DSD DAC & Amplifier for iPhone Q1 Mark II

Wireless high-fidelity audio with DAC & aptX Bluetooth amp BTR1


In-Ear Monitors

Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors FH1

Triple Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitors F9 Series (F9, F9 SE and F9 PRO)

Balanced In-Ear Monitors with Aerospace Titanium Diaphragm F5


Will there be any surprise? Come and check!


More info about the show 

Time:  Jan. 9-12, 2018

FiiO's Booth: Venetian Tower Suite 29-322

Address: Las Vegas, NV


See you there!


Best regards,
FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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